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AC Repair in Arizona is a must have during the summer months. When it hits 100 degree outside, your ac unit will run most of the day to keep your home or office cool. This is the time that more units will break & need to be repaired or replaced because there is so much strain on them.

HVAC Repair And Service

If you need repair, service or installation, call us today. We provide:

  • Same Day Service (Most Cases)
  • No Extra Charge For After Hours
  • 24 Hour Service, 7 Days A Week
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • We offer affordable pricing
  • Commercial & Residential
  • New Air Conditioning Units
  • We Service All Makes & Models


Air Conditioning For Your Home in Tempe

Technician Repairing An AC Unit in TempeGood air conditioning repair in Tempe is a must for any family. Most people don’t know what they are missing until their air conditioner is already broken. Trust us, you won’t go long without fixing that air conditioner. It is also important to have a professional come and service your AC unit about every six months. This will make sure you don’t run into emergency situations and that your AC unit is kept running all year long in good condition. You can call us if anything goes wrong with your air conditioner and we will have your AC unit fixed right away.


Air Conditioning For Commercial in Tempe

Not only is it important for families to keep their air conditioning going, a business should consider the health of their Air conditioner very important. It is very hard to work in an environment that is hot and humid. In fact, many businesses report decreased employee performance when the air is not working. People work better in cooler temperatures and you can check out our commercial AC services here.

Employees aren’t the only one business owner have to think about, there’s also the customers. It’s important to make sure your customers have a cool and comfortable environment.  A happy customer is a customer that buys. When your AC unit no longer works you’ll want to call us. Commercial AC units are not the same as residential units so it’s very important to call a trained professional when your ac unit breaks down. It is also just as important for businesses to have their AC units serviced about every six months; this will keep happy employees and customers all year round.  Tempe Air Conditioning Repair has experience in both residential and commercial repairs. When you call us, we will get the job done right.


 Commercial AC Repair & Service in Tempe AzAir Conditioning Service in Tempe

Have you ever wondered if the air being pumped into your home or business is clean? This is a concern that many people have and it’s important to make sure your air is pure and clean. There are all kinds of chemicals that can get into your air and pollute it. Some of the most common offenders are mold. If you feel like your air has been compromised or you smell anything funny, it is important to call Tempe Air Conditioning Repair right away. We will examine you system and make sure the air you’re breathing is healthy and fresh. With proper installation of your air conditioning system, you will receive cleaner air all year long.


 Your Heating Is Important As Well

We all love to have a nice cool house in the summer, but then winter comes rolling around and it’s all about the heat. People need air conditioning repair in Tempe even in the wintertime. Homeowners and business people need to no without a doubt that their heat will work when then need it. If you notice any problems with your heater or your simply freezing give Tempe Air Conditioning Repair and have us take a look. Our trained professional can quickly examine the problem and make your home warm and toasty within no time at all.


 New AC Unit Specials in Tempe

If you need to get a new air conditioning unit, we will be able to provide you the very best options at affordable pricing for getting you a new ac unit. We will make recommendations based on your home size, if you have a split system, on the roof system and how cool you like to keep your home or office. Call us for our current specials. You can check out some energy saving information on new air conditioner units by visiting this website.


Air Conditioner Repair And Service in Tempe Az

Tempe Air Conditioning Repair can do whatever you need when it comes to your AC unit. We have many years of experience doing air conditioning repair in Tempe, and our trained professional can work on both residential and commercial units. If the heat’s not working give us a call. If the air isn’t working give us call. We will take care of your problem in no time. Read more on air conditioning here.


Air Conditioning Repair Tempe Pros

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